Tips for reading eBooks and reduce eyestrain

More and more readers use digital media. In Nicetolook we offer you some tips to reduce eyestrain.

Using a digital format to read a book is a very practical way to read anywhere, but staring at a screen that emits light has a number of risks to our visual health.

Any tablet or a mobile phone emits light. On the other hand there are the digital books using electronic ink displays. What does that mean? The electronic ink technology creates screens as thin as paper, and with a flexibility that allows it to be rolled. Besides these screens reflect the light rather than emitting it.
Our eyes get tired much more to read on a tablet or a mobile device. Besides these supports are issuers of BlueLight, a type of light that disrupts our biological clock and make sleep disturbances. Read in a tablet before bedtime may delay our sleep for more than an hour for the strong light emitted by the LED screens that reduces the level of melatonin, the sleep hormone.


Whenever you go to read an eBook make sure there is good light to avoid eyestrain. On the other hand is essential reading at a proper distance to avoid eye damage. Normally it is sufficient to place the digital book about 40cm from our eyes.
Protect your eyes with a pair of reading is essential when suffering from presbyopia. There are models of glasses with filters that block BlueLight and lenses that help read clearly. The Slastik Readers Reading glasses are a comfortable option and have a great design.
Enter in Nicetolook and protect your eyes!

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