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Things you must see when buying reading glasses

Choosing a correct model of reading glasses is essential. In Nicetolook we offer you the following tips:

The glasses are not just an ally to our visual health can also be an ideal complement to our look. When choosing a pair of glasses there are a number of things you should remember:

• The type of rod: Full frames, which completely frames the lenses may help your eyes to stand out. Rimless lenses, secured by rods, generate a transparent look. Furthermore, the middle frames, with which the lenses are covered only in one hand, help highlighting the top face.

• Color: The plastic dark frames can help you to improve your look, highlighting completely.
Light colored rods help reaffirm a clear open face, distracting the elements of the factions. However, there are rods all sorts of colors. When you want to take a bold look. Combine a pair of neutral colors with the color of your hair, the eye color can be used as a complement to customize the glasses.

There is a world of possibilities!

• The shape of your face: The most faces are a combination of shapes and angles, but usually there are seven basic face shapes. When choosing a pair of glasses, choose the best suited to the shape of your face.

But the most important thing when choosing new glasses is to consider graduation. Avoid buying glasses without warranty and bet on a pair of approved reading glasses.

Discover our reading glasses in and use our virtual fitting to know how you look with your new glasses. Make a gift to your eyes!

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