The invention of the reading glasses

Today all of us can wear reading glasses. But when were they invented?

Since its invention, the glasses have suffered all kind of designs and improvements. If we compare modern reading glasses, as Slastik Veeka Fit with the first glasses we will see that there have been many changes. Today they are also an essential tool, a stylish accessory.

Officially the first reading glasses as we know them were invented in the Middle Ages. How could read those with vision problems until then? Human invention had found several solutions such as stones calls to read.


These stones were hemispherical and were the predecessors of modern magnifying glasses and lenses. Reading was easyer thanks to its increasing effect. Many people who did not have at their disposal these little gems resorted to their workers to read them the texts, making intimacy impossible.

Reading glasses were used for the first time in Italy. They were invented by the Florentine Salvino Degli Armati, in 1285. From this moment in history will begin to see the glasses in some medieval portraits of the aristocracy. Later, with the invention of printing and popularizing reading, it increased the need for glasses.


Wearing glasses was spreading very slowly in Europe; two centuries after its invention, they began to experience changes that became a symbol of social prestige.

The revolution of the optical industry began in the twentieth century. From the 40 glasses became a fashion accesorie and began to emerge hundreds of bold designs. Luckily today we don’t  need to use uncomfortable medieval reading glasses, in we offer the most modern models.

Enjoy reading with Nicetolook!

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