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Slastik Sun Kids, ideal for protecting the eyes of the little ones

The vision of children is extremely delicate, protecting their eyes with good sunglasses is essential to ensure their eyecare

That is one of the fundamental technical aspects of the Slastik Sun Kids glasses, they can be kept in the neck of the younger thanks to its elastic rod and adjustment system perimeter. The Slastik Sun Kids remain in their place, no matter how active they are. Thanks to its elastic rod, it is impossible to lose them to carry around the neck.

In addition, Slastik Sun Kids solar lenses incorporate Category 3 Polycarbonate UV400 treated SH, that makes Slastik Sun Kids lenses perfect to protect the eyes of the little ones. Many of the problems related to ultraviolet radiation can be avoided with the proper use of sunglasses. When buying sunglasses for children there are some basics to keep in mind:

• Find an approved model, the sunglasses are not a toy.

• Buying them always in specialized stores that offer warranty.

If we consider these tips we can protect the vision of the smallest of the family.


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