Mitos sobre el uso de las gafas

Myths about reading glasses

Here you will find some advices for wearing reading glasses.


1. No need to go to the optometrist if I see correctly
Actually, the visit to the ophthalmologist serves to detect problems that are not always able to perceive, make a visit at least once a year.

2. Wear glasses may be worst for your eyes
There is a belief that if you begin to wear glasses when symptoms are minimal, a kind of dependency is created and it will increase the diopter. The experts explain that not use them when needed can affect the vision problem and make it worse.

3. Glasses should not be worn all day to rest eyes
Corrective lenses are totally necessary, whether it is to see well far, for reading or doing other activities that needed to stare closely. If you dont want to force your eyes you may have to put glasses.

4. It is normal for progressive lenses causing discomfort
When people with presbyopia (farsightedness) use progressive lenses may need time to adjust to, but actually there are lenses that minimize the hassles that take account the physiology of the client and the new advances.

5. If the degree is the same, all lenses are equal
Each eye is unique and has special measures. Although two people have the same graduation it does not have to serve the same lens. Every patient has its own characteristics and it is recommended that the glasses are designed to fit the user.

6. No need to wear sunglasses when it is cloudy
More than 90% of UV radiation can cross through the clouds. We must always protect us and wear sunglasses all year round, even in autumn and winter.

7. The darker the lens is more protected from the sun
A darker glass doesn’t mean more protection against UV radiation than other lower category (lighter). It is simply using the appropriate category filter for certain light conditions.

8. Transparent prescription lenses do not protect from the sun
Today you can buy transparent eyeglasses that can protect from UV rays because they contain SPF. The eyes are 25 times more protected from the sun.

9. It is only necessary protect the eyes from UV rays
The blue-violet light given off by the computer screens, tablets or smartphones is harmful to the retina, and excessive exposure to this class of devices without proper protection can have serious consequences for the long-term eye health. To prevent this, there are already available lenses capable of blocking 20% ​​of harmful blue-violet light.

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