Winter sports, snow and sunglasses

When practicing snow sports is essential to protect your eyes with the right sunglasses

We all love to enjoy the snow. Sports like skiing or snowboarding move the people to the ski slopes. The snow has a characteristic that usually goes unnoticed. Its color reflects without absorbing ultraviolet rays. If we add the height where usually ski slopes are, much closer to the sun, the snow becomes a true mirror that can end up damaging our eyeballs.

What we have to consider when choosing sunglasses for snow sports?

• Proper subjection: sunglasses for sports should be able to comply fully with the user. Slastik Sun glasses have an elastic perimeter adjustment system replacing conventional rods, together with telescopic adjustment system Slastik Sun glasses can fit perfectly. Always fit.

• Snow can become water, making the vision very difficult. To avoid a steady trickle Slastik sunglasses have a fundamental characteristic, its lenses have a hydrophobic treatment capable of preventing water droplets. The drops slide down the glass without trace.

• Ambient lighting considerably increases when there is snow. Polarized lenses are the best option to protect our eyes from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Polarized lenses Slastik Sun ensure a sharper, with anti-glare treatment of high yield (99.8% efficiency) vision.
Its multi-coating on the back of the lens which avoids the inconvenience of reflections from the rays of light coming from behind.

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