What is the Blue Light?

Many reading glasses have filters responsible for removing the Blue Light. If you spend more than 6 hours a day staring at a screen, you are interested in this post.

The blue light often causes eye fatigue and stress. Continued exposure to a screen or a device can derivate in things such as presbyopia. These are some of the effects of blue light in the body:

• Insomnia: Blue light completely alters our internal clock. Continued exposure to such light may make it impossible for us to sleep for several hours because our body suppresses the production of melantonina. A study by the University of Bordeaux has shown that blue monochromatic light produces the same effects as taking 400 mg of coffee.

• Less exposure to blue light helps protect nighttime workers. Diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular problems can be minimized if exposure to blue light is eliminated overnight. Besides reducing insomnia.

• Advances diseases such as presbyopia: Our eyes tend to wear more easily when it stares at a light emitter such as a screen. Over time, the blue light affects our lens, this damage can overtake several years eyestrain.

Blue light glasses

Within the color light matter, so it is very important to protect our eyes with reading glasses with anti blue light filter.

In www.nicetolook.com you will find our Slastik Camden glasses that are able to reduce the 50% of the harmful effects of the displays.

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