Wayfarer glasses to read: Didinsky colored glasses!

Wayfarer reading glasses: Stylish and colorful glasses!

We are at the gates of summer and we cannot help thinking that we need color and life in our daily lives to complement the sun’s rays. That is why today we want to present one of our favorite collections (throughout the year) but above all, in times of sun and heat! It is neither more nor less than Didinsky’s Wayfarer glasses, glasses inspired by Rayban’s mythical form, but for presbyopia.

Existing in up to eleven different colors, from the most sober black, to the most strident and striking yellow. The color palette that offers adapts perfectly to all styles and personalities, but above all to all kinds of situations. Darker colors for formal situations, such as going to the office for example, even bold and fun colors such as coral, lime green or passion red, for more leisure time.

Colored glasses


Reading glasses that mix health and style!

Perfect for both men and women, Didinsky reading glasses have a spectacular design. Its rods are resistant and long lasting and have organic and anti-reflective lenses.

With Didinsky glasses you can enjoy better visual health without neglecting originality. Take your book to the beach or to the pool and enjoy a good read at any time with our reading sunglasses. Its organic lenses protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and allow you to read anywhere!

Choose the color that suits you best!

In addition, you can enjoy all these models also in sunglasses and graduated sunglasses! So you have no excuse! You can enjoy them reading on the beach, the pool, or wherever you need to wear glasses closely without giving up sunglasses!

Know them on our website: www.didinsky.com

Colored glasses

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