Didinsky Reading Glasses



We recommend printing the pdf

The size and resolution of the devices screen is decisive to guarantee a correct visual test


Stand at a distance of approximately 35 cm


Read the text until you feel like you have a hard time doing it


You will know the graduation (diopters) of your reading glasses

Specialists in innovative, fun and designer reading glasses

Combine design and innovation with the comfort of wearing your presbyopic glasses

The pack includes a protective cover in the same color as the glasses and a chamois

Presbyopia glasses, with Anti blue light filter that protects you from the harmful effects of blue light

With an avant-garde design and with a selection of the most modern colors, the glasses are unisex and suitable for use in any situation

Explosive mix of style and colors with an elegant design ... presbyopia is not at odds with fashion.

Didinsky Dali
Didinsky Tate
Didinsky Uffizi
Didinsky Hakone
Didinsky Arken
Didinsky Faraday
Didinsky Armless
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