The sight of animals

Truly the world is not as we see it. There are numerous myths about how some animals see the world.

• Dogs and cats:
It is often said that the sight of our pets is in black and white. That’s right? Yes, they are colorblind due to its bichromatic vision. In fact cats barely distinguish any color. Luckily their improved night vision, exceeds the human being when there is little light. Obviously this vision is compensated with an ear and a highly developed sense of smell.


• Owls:
The sight of the owls is because their eyeballs are fixed and do not move, so their head can rotate 270 degrees. Complement this vision with a highly developed ear.

ojos búho

• Insects, contrary to what Hollywood has taught us, see the world very pixelated. In the movies that recreate the view from the eyes of a fly hundreds of small screens usually appear, each showing the same image. This is a misconception because the shape of their compound eyes. When the truth simply see the world “in low definition.”


• The rats:
Rodents don’t feature a “hawk eye” rather the opposite. Not only see the world from far below, but they also see it in black and white and suffer from myopia.


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