The screens and the eyes

We all look to screens for hours ¿It is dangerous for our eyes?

The more hours spent in front of a larger screen is eyestrain, physical discomfort is suffered by many people as a result of exposure to light spectrum emitted by the screens of electronic devices. Basically this light is produced by the emission of the screen with pixels. It is very important to carry out a series of measures digital hygiene.Blurred vision after being staring at a screen, dry eyes, dark circles … These are some of the symptoms from the digital eyestrain.



Can digital fatigue be a problem?

With the use of screens and the time some problems will apear. These things may aggravate further:

If you already have a vision problem, staring more than one type of screen throughout the day, television, game consoles, computers, tablets …

With age and presbyopia also problems arise. What is really important is to learn to avoid eyestrain. There are good practices that help prevent want to harm our eyes.

-Frequently clean the dust from your screen.
-Eight hours to rest the vision
-Take care of your vision with products such as artificial tears
-Place your monitor at the proper distance
-Reduces screen brightness
Following these tips will reduce eyestrain, thus preventing injuries in our eyes

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