The Omega 3 and the Eyecare

Our vision is an important side of our lives. It is our most developed sense and we use it constantly. All our activities, from work to leisure, require a correct view.

Through the pass of the years we lose visual quality and develop different ailments such as presbyopia and cataracts. It is very important to include in our meals nutrients that take care of our eyes.

Omega 3 can help us to postpone diseases such as macular degeneration (MD), a degenerative disease of the retina that causes loss of central vision, leaving only peripheral vision. This disease is the main cause of blindness in people over age 50 and can be prevented with a diet that includes Omega 3.

Vegetable oils, egg yolk, seafood, fish and nuts are incredible sources of Omega 3 and is very simple and comfortably to include in our diet. This kind of food will improve your eyecare.

food with OMEGA-3

A diet rich in Omega 3 can also help to prevent dry eyes due to the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and reducing the level of cytokines in the ocular surface, helping to improve the symptoms of eye irritation.

Taking care of our eyes with a good diet is essential if we are to protect our vision. There is no point keeping a proper diet if after we submit our eyes to a continued effort when reading or staring at a screen for hours. With Slastik reading glasses we can help your eyes to avoid eyestrain.

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