Taking care of your reading glasses

Cleaning the lenses of the glasses correctly it is essential to prevent damage to the crystals. These tips will help you to maintain a good vision:

Not only is it important to keep clean the glasses, do it the right way is essential. The clean and well maintained reading glasses can accompany you for years as good care you can extend the life of the lens.

Consider these tips when you go to clean your reading glasses:

The perfect combination

It’s simple to acquire microfiber cloths and sprays designed to clean quickly and efficiently our glasses. These sprays provide anti-fog effect that prevents fogging goggles. A spray each lens, well dried with the microfiber cloth is enough to remove dirt from our glasses.

You will find in optical and specialty stores wet towels that do exactly the same function as the spray and cloth. Of course, avoid scented wipes increase the life of your glasses.

gafas limpiar

Cleaning the crystals

The best product to keep our lenses clean and scratch-free is the soapy water. To clean your reading glasses you will put the glasses under running tap water and using our fingertips, apply soap gently rubbing. In this way we will ensure that the lenses do not rub with hard objects that can grate. Will dry the glasses with a soft cloth or cotton fiber. So remove the traces of water in our glasses and will prevent rusting somewhere.

limpiando gafas

Other tips

– Avoid blows and factors such as extreme heat (even leave glasses in the sun too long).

– Always store the glasses in their holster

– Avoid placing glasses upside down.

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