Didinsky Hakone Layer Sun

Didinsky Hakone Layer Sun


Magnetic solar layer for your Hakone Glasses. Enjoy your glasses outsidoors by placing the clip-on layer with polarized solar lenses. Only buy together with Didinsky Hakone glasses. If you already have one at home, make sure they have two round magnets on the back of the frame.
Thanks to its magnets it is very easy to place and they will not fall off with the movement.

If you only buy the sun cape because you already have your glasses at home, make sure they have 2 magnets in the frame, as you can see in the last photo.

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Here you will find your perfect fashion accessory without which you will not be able to leave home.

Do you always have to have several glasses on to use them in different situations?

Annoyed because your glasses continually break or lose?

Do your eyes suffer when they spend several hours in front of mobile phones, tablets or computer screens?


Do not wear several pairs of glasses depending on the use.

For glasses without prescription, you will protect yourself from the blue light of your computers and, outdoors, you will enjoy your polarized sunglasses simply by adding the magnetic layer.

For prescription glasses, the clip on layer is used for those moments when you are reading and the sunlight bothers you. You’ll never have to read only indoors again!


Reading glasses with a modern and modern design

6 colores disponibles para afrontar cualquier situación que se te presente. From the most serious and restrained colors such as the Graphite or the Indigo for the most compromising matters to the most fun and casual ones such as the Carrot or the Klein for those funnier and more jovial situations.

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Ash, Carrot, Ferrari, Graphite, Indigo, Klein


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