Nicetolook wishes you a happy 2016!

The New Year is a unique opportunity to achieve new purposes.

Running, studying and starting the diet are often some of the most common goals that we try to impose ourselves for the new year. It is essential to face the coming year full of energy and vitality to carry out these objectives.


The key is perseverance:
It is said that if you practice something for 21 days it becomes a habit. The sport with a balanced diet is the ideal combination for burn the Christmas meals. If your rhythm is low start with small targets and raising the bar gradually. We can not forget that at this time the temperatures are lower. Jogging in short sleeves can be fatal to your health!


A more balanced diet:
The excesses of Christmas should stay alone in that, in excesses of Christmas. Salad and grilled fish is a much healthier diet combination that any miracle diet. Need more energy? Coffee can be replaced by an invigorating red fruit smoothie!

For those who already have a sportive life a good New Year’s resolution may be this: to renew the sports equipment. Enter and enjoy our offer sports sunglasses.

This Christmas … Make a gift to your eyes!


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