Glasses and headache

Many of us need glasses for our day to day. Can our glasses give us headache?

Improper use of the glasses, as wearing them at all times without needed them or a higher prescription, it is a common cause of migraine or headache. Moreover eye strain caused by reading or staring at a screen for hours can also cause headache.

Our glasses should help us in our daily lives. At the moment we trouble focusing or we suffer from headaches we should visit a professional. Our graduation is changing as time passes so it is relatively common that reached the point we find that our ranking has changed and glasses that we require us to squint.

In people over age 40 often begin developing presbyopia. This disease can cause headache to stare for a long time in a book or on the computer screen.
It’s the same with contact lenses, with the added bonus that they can cause dry eyes, resenting the situation further. Interestingly the dry eye increases the sensitivity to light, this sensitivity causes the eyes to create a muscular tension that can cause migraine, headaches and squint.

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