Eyecare and stress

Stress is a result of the pace of Western life. The numerous obligations, economic necessity or crammed schedules are some of the causes of stress and this hurts our visual health.

In our day we are subjected to a tremendous levels of stress. It is a physiological reaction of the body to face a threatening situation or requires more effort. Our eyes are also affected and in very different ways.

These are some of the symptoms generated stress in our eyes:

– Eye Dryness

– Blurry vision

– Inflammation

– Loss of vision

-Temblores Eyelids

Some of these symptoms respond to incredible stress responses. For example eye tremors occur through the movement of a small muscle responsible for raising the eyelid, the muscle Müller. By increasing the level of stress this muscle is activated.


Constant exposure to stress can even lead to vision loss. This sudden loss of vision may be temporary, but it is a clear sign that our body needs a break or our visual health could suffer. It is essential to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Stress can prevent us to rest properly. Lack of sleep is very harmful to vision, but also damages the brain. Insufficient hours of sleep probocan dry eyes and inflammation in the retina, where the photoreceptor cells are concentrated to enable activities like reading.

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