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5 thigns that you didn’t know about sunglasses

The sunglasses not only serve to avoid glare, they also protect your eye health.

Here are some things sunglasses that maybe you dont know.

• In 1929 the Foster Grant brand began selling sunglasses with lenses in the United States.

• We arrive to accumulate in home more than 5 different sunglasses on average.

• Right sunglasses provide the necessary protection when you are practicing some kind of sport, where the light is a variable to consider.

• The Eskimo and Inuit tribes invented sunglasses. At least its simplest form. With these primitive frames, they stayed without injury from the strong reflections of snow.

First sunglasses

• Wearing sunglasses without UV protection seriously harms the visual health. The pupil dilates and UV barrier can enter the eye. It’s dangerous to carry lenses without UV protection that does not use.

Wear sunglasses is not just a matter of fashion, can be your best allies in order to safeguard your eye health. Choosing a good model that meets all the performance is critical. The Slastik Sun Urban are ideal for protecting your eyes without sacrificing style. They are super cool!

Enter DidiZabas and find your sunglasses.

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