Buying a Slastik reader, 50% off in the shipment!

New Slastik promo in Nicetolook!

In Nicetolook we have a new and amazing promotion that won’t leave you indifferent! Buying any of our Slastik reader you will have a 50% off in the shipment!





Comfort and design!

You know the Slastik Reader glasses? They are completely different to what you’ve tried so far. Its main feature is its front magnet, and its flexible rod that can be bent and recover its shape without altering its structure. It allows you to fold and store them anywhere safely to breakage. These possibilities offer convenience, flexibility and lightness.

The fact that you will be able to carry them anywhere hanging in your neck and their low weight will make you forget you are wearing them, plus use whenever you need without having to be aware of that hidden corner you could have forgotten them!





A Slastik for every personality!

Do not wait, take advantage of this new offer and look between its different models which best suits your personality and your face, you have 6 different styles to choose from and in all colors!

Enter our site by clicking HERE and find those that fits you best!

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