The best recipe for your eyestrain

A good diet can help you improve your eyestrain.

We are becoming a greater number of people that we see more the so-called blue light rather the sunlight. Fortunately, there is also an increase of confidence on the power of good nutrition to help fighting some symptoms of the eyestrain due to digital era in which we live.

Food is one of the cornerstones of our health and its impact on the proper functioning of our body are obvious. In the case of eyestrain could not be less. Some foods such as kale, arugula, salmon or carrots are just some examples of products that positively affect our visual health and help us to prevent the effects of presbyopia, generated by the long hours succumbing to the screens of our phones and computers.



PURE KALE SALAD: The recipe of the Stars.

This fondness for good food is increasingly extensive and great artists of world star system have not been able to avoid falling surrendered to the foodie culture. An example is the American singer Beyoncé, who has long advocated for good food routine including some basic food for eyestrain. His favorite recipe is the PURE KALE SALAD, a salad with a lot of fame in the veggie trend, which was devised by two brothers from San Francisco for its famous Café Gratitude restaurant and containing much of the foods that help improve symptoms presbyopia, such as kale, carrots or arugula, and other food real good for our body.

Here is the link where you can find this simple recipe that we are sure will make you see life in a better way!

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