3D glasses

3D cinema has brought incredible movies with unprecedented success. But how the 3D glasses work?

Virtually all major cities in the world have a three-dimensional projection rooms. The 3D film is an irresistible eager for adventure and immersion public attraction.

Since the typical two-color glasses, known as anaglyph to innovative active glasses, 3D glasses have enabled us to enjoy incredible films like Avatar or Titanic.


All those who use glasses have experienced the inconvenience of having to put 3D glasses over our lens, luckily passive glasses are much lighter than active glasses. 3D movies use a special camera with two lenses, whose tapes are projected simultaneously.

The first 3d glasses were typical of two different colors. This difference in the color of the glasses used to filter colors differently receiving eyes. In this way it tricks the brain to generate a three-dimensional image on the screen of the cinema.

Today we can enjoy 3D cinema in our homes thanks to televisions capable of displaying 3D video games and movies.

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